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Public Fund “Central Asia – Art Management”
Basic Information
English Public Fund “Central Asia – Art Management”
Local language «Борбордук Азия – Арт Менеджмент» коомдук фонду
Country Kyrgyzstan
Category General NGO
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2008

The mission of the foundation is the harmonious development of the individuality through the development of conditions for the creative self-realization of citizens and their involvement in the cultural heritage of nations. The objective of the creation and operation of the Fund is the introduction of art management in creative organizations, ensuring the accessibility of culture through education, as well as the promotion of jazz and jazz culture in Kyrgyzstan and in the countries of Central Asia.

The CAAM PF projects are aimed at preserving the musical heritage and peoples of Central Asia through the revitalization of traditional music, at promoting mutual respect and integration between cultural groups in Central Asia.


The creation of the Central Asia-Art Management Public Foundation was initiated in 2006 and registered in 2008.

The Foundation carries out educational, cultural, research, informational and other socially valuable activities to help in creating a friendly environment for the development of projects in various spheres of social relations (social entrepreneurship, culture, education, etc.).

The Foundation aims to implement the following tasks:

  1. Promotion of the Concept of Sustainable Development and the concept of biocultural diversity in the Kyrgyz Republic and beyond
  2. Popularization of cultural achievements of the Kyrgyz Republic outside the country. Promotion of achievements of world culture in the Kyrgyz Republic, including jazz and jazz improvisation culture
  3. Create conditions for cultural exchange through the organization of events (festivals, concerts, forums, exhibitions, etc.) and the demonstration of creative achievements
  4. Promotion and development of volunteer movement
Major Activities

PF “СAAM” past and present projects:

Consortium “Nomad’s Universe” (at the implementation stage): This project aims to continue and consolidate the efforts and enthusiasm of cultural practitioners to ensure safeguarding of intangible culture of nomads, to revitalize traditional identity and to relaunch traditions in a daily life of local communities. It ensures the realization of their rights to preserve and transmit their cultural heritage from generation to generation through the creation of various products using modern multimedia technologies and implementation of activities aiming at a broad audience.

Saimaly-Tash Projection Museum (at the implementation stage) focuses on creating opportunities for citizens to get in touch with their historical and cultural heritage, processes that reflect the evolution of early nomadic artistic creativity by incorporating them into modern cultural media.

Forum “Living Heritage: A Nomadic Culture in the Past and the Present” in the framework of the III WNG creates a platform for joint analysis of experience and results of the work done in the field of promoting biocultural diversity, asking the following questions: What are the current challenges and threats to nomadic culture? (Including historical and cultural context)? What values ​of a nomadic culture do we want to preserve? What are our priorities for the preservation of the ​nomadic culture? What are the indicators of the blessed life of modern local communities in accordance with their culture and land? The forum was attended by 22 organizations working in the field of preservation and promotion of biocultural diversity.

The program “Visiting Tours for Young Musicians from the Regions” (at the implementation stage) aims at developing and promoting tolerance, mutual respect, creative activity, and the exchange of experience among young musicians from the regions. Pilot regions: Chui region and Issyk-Kul region.

Ethno Jazz and Jazz Festival: the development of ethno jazz and jazz improvisation in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. In 2018, the 13th festival was held in April.

Preservation of musical heritage: “Preservation of Instrumental music in the oral tradition”.

The project “Anthology of Kyrgyz traditional varied music “kuu” (melody) (vol. I, II), in Kyrgyz and Russian, + 2 CD.

The project “Art Management” aims at training qualified specialists (managers) of the art industry, to establish regulated and meaningful relationships between all participants of the art market, such as artists, agents, dealers, gallery owners, curators, critics, and collectors.

Preservation of the Dungan Musical Heritage: a history of the culture of the territory and ethnic minorities.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 29, Tabyshaliev str., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel +996 312 901 198

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