Organization - Public Fund “Kiyiz Duino”

Public Fund “Kiyiz Duino”
Basic Information
English Public Fund “Kiyiz Duino”
Local language “Кийиз Дүйнө” коомдук фонду
Country Kyrgyzstan
Category General NGO
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2010

The public fund “Kiyiz Duino,” with the support of the Christensen Fund, aims to spread the Kyrgyz traditional knowledge among its people through the revitalization, preservation, and development of nomadic culture. The era of nomads is passing, and the unique legacy and heritage of ancestors falls into oblivion before our eyes. In a rapidly changing world and in the rapid pace of globalization, the fund’s mission is to preserve the legacy and heritage of nomadic culture for the current and the next generations.


Nomadic culture brought to the world a vivid example of the harmonious existence between a nomad and nature. The basis for the system is a rational approach to handling natural resources, wherein a human being considers himself as a part of nature. Kyrgyz people lived in a nomadic way of life for centuries, adapting their activities, traditions, customs, leisure, living conditions, dwellings, household items, and clothing to this environment.

The main nomadic activity was cattle breeding. Derivatives of such activities as wool, leather, skins, bones, and horns served as the basis for the development of such kinds of crafts as felting, weaving, dressing/processing of leather and animal skin, carpet weaving, embroidery, etc. Meanwhile, felt was the most important material for arranging the life of nomads. The yurta cover, floor and wall carpets, hanging bags/containers for dishes and other household items, blankets, details of horse equipment, and clothing were all made of felt. Since birth, Kyrgyz people were surrounded by felt products; in other words, they were born and lived life in the world of felt.

Major Activities

In order to draw the public’s attention to the traditions, crafts, and customs of Kyrgyzstan, the foundation organizes festivals and seminars, searches for traditional knowledge bearers, collects all kinds of information about traditional culture, holds roundtables, participates in TV and radio programs, publishes printed materials, revitalizes different types of traditional crafts, and reconstructs traditional Kyrgyz costumes. Since 2015, Kiyiz Duino has organized a nomadic camp in the summer mountain pastureland with the aim of revitalizing, preserving, and developing traditional knowledge about the nomadic way of life. For the camp participants, the foundation holds master classes and seminars on traditional crafts, cuisine, traditions, and customs.

Since 2016, within the framework of the fund’s activities, yurts were established in jailoo (summer pastures) for the practical embodiment and experience of a nomadic life. According to the concept of the project, during the month, selected participants, organizers, and traditional knowledge bearers conducted practical training on traditional craftsmanship techniques, traditions, and customs as well as on traditional cuisine in a real nomadic atmosphere. The main emphasis, though, was on the reconstruction of the traditional Kyrgyz costume, so all participants dressed in handmade clothing.

In addition, aiming at promoting traditional culture and clothing, the foundation organizes flash mobs, promotions, and presentations to demonstrate traditions and customs.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 1 Kapchigay str., Kyzyl-Tuu village, Ton district, Issyk-Kul province, Kyrgyz Republic
Tel + 996 708 326 264; + 996 555 326 264

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