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Puppeteers of Lanka
Basic Information
English Puppeteers of Lanka
Local language ලංකාවේ රූකඩ ශිල්පියෝ
Country Sri Lanka
Category Museum
Domain Performing Arts
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 2017
  • Development of new art productions and the distribution.
  • To strengthen the economic condition of the professionals (string puppet artists) by giving opportunity to promote their art work.
  • Development of a new string puppet drama production system.
  • Setting a positive impact on society regarding the string puppet industry.
  • To generate interest of the new generation or the young artists in order so that the art of string puppetry survives..
  • Reunite the puppet artists and improve the standards of the productions.
  • Development of a procedure to disseminate the knowledge related to the art of puppetry through  workshops, trainings and information centers.

The traditional string Puppet Art of Sri Lanka has evolved through centuries and has come a long journey passing golden ages. But it can be observed that puppetry is a declining art form in today’s society. In many cases the existing puppet artists are abandoning this profession and there is less propensity of new generation to this art – mainly due to the lack of earning opportunity in this profession and difficulties in continuing.

The objective of our organization ‘Puppeteers of Lanka’ is to protect and advance this valuable cultural heritage while protecting all the artists including those who are coming from the family of Ganwari Podisirina, pioneer of this art and to improve the propensity of new generation towards this profession. Our attempt is to develop new scripts (plays) relevant to today’s context utilizing new concepts, innovative ideas and technology in addition to the existing traditional items while protecting the puppet art. Our responsibility is to make a prosperous future through our positive objectives.

Major Activities
  • To preserve Puppet art through the establishment of the Puppet Museum.
  • To confer knowledge on history of Puppet art including all the research.
  • Opportunity has been provided to see and comprehend the manufacturing of a puppet from the initial step to the concluding step.
  • Opportunity has been provided to see moments of traditional puppet dramas and scenes.
  • Opportunity has been provided to see and comprehend all the musical instruments used in puppet dramas.
  • A short puppet drama can be observed at the museum.
  • One can buy puppets and related souvenirs.
  • Traditional puppet shows take place on every weekend.
  • Puppet shows are performed in few places to capture the tourist attraction.
  • Stage of Puppet dramas and Puppet tele-dramas has been initiated with the collaboration of Department of Culture

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Puppet Museum, Galle Rd, Walagedara, Balapitiya, Sri Lanka.
Tel +94715525038

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