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Research Institute of Culture and Information (RICI)
Basic Information
English Research Institute of Culture and Information (RICI)
Local language Пажӯҳишгоҳи илмӣ-тадқиқотии фарҳанг ва иттилоот (ПИТФИ)
Country Tajikistan
Category Government Agency Research Institute
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Established year 1997

Research Institute of Culture and Information(RICI) is engaged in the study and research of national culture, library science and country’s media.

The main objective of RICI is the application of the government cultural policy in its activities. One of the priorities of the Institution is identification, inventory, preparation of the nomination files and study of the intangible cultural heritage of the people of Tajikistan. In this direction, the main objective of our organization is to contribute to the safeguarding and dissemination of the intangible cultural heritage of the population of the republic.


RICI was established in May 1997 and currently it is the only specialized research institution in the republic whose main goal is to explore historical and cultural theories, art history and information.

The institute has 4 departments: art history, media and print, librarianship, socio-cultural activities and the Center for the Cultural Heritage of the Tajiks. In the RICI, research work is carried out by 3 doctors and 10 PhDs, and 21 research officers who possess the necessary experience and qualifications for conducting research.

Researchers of the Institute are currently working on the following 4 scientific topics:

  1. “Study of innovation processes in the fields of culture and information of the Republic of Tajikistan in the context of globalization (2016-2020);
  2. “Innovative processes of library and information activities in the context of globalization of culture” (2016-2020);
  3. “The current state of intangible cultural heritage in the country: problems and prospects” (2016-2020);
  4. “State and prospects of the local periodical press of the Republic of Tajikistan” (2016-2020).

In 2017, the Center for the Cultural Heritage of the Tajiks was founded on the basis of two departments – the Department of traditional art and the Department of cultural studies, which now has 10 scientific workers. They conduct research on intangible cultural heritage.
The institute has a close relationship of cooperation with several national and international organizations.

The Research Institute of Culture and Information publishes the scientific journal “Herald of Culture”, which is published four times a year. The journal is registered in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). One of the sections of the journal is dedicated to intangible cultural heritage. In addition, the Institute annually publishes research results under the title “Works” of RICI employees.

Major Activities

Since 2010, after ratification of UNESCO Convention for Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Institute has been actively working in this direction. So far, RICI has prepared a package of documents for the nominations “Oshi Palav as a Traditional Food of Tajiks and its Socio-Cultural Context” (inscribed in the Representative List in 2016), “Navruz” (multinational file, together with 11 countries, inscribed in RL in 2016), “The Art of Chakan Embroidery” (sent to UNESCO in 2016), “Traditional knowledge and practices of making atlas and adras fabric” (sent to UNESCO in 2018).

In accordance with the UNESCO Convention for Safeguarding of ICH (2003), RICI conducted field works with objectives to inventory intangible cultural heritage elements. In 2014, based on these materials, RICI compiled the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the country. The list had 6 parts with 286 elements and covered ICH of part of the country. Two years later, this list was updated and the new version is divided into 7 parts and consists of 515 ICH elements.

RICI, in framework of “The current state of intangible culture in the country: problems and prospects” (2016-2020), conducts field study and inventory ICH elements in the country. We will publish the results of ethnographic expeditions in the form of a report book. Up till now, 5 issues of this serial book entitled “Intangible culture of the Tajik people” have been published.

In 2016, in collaboration with the “Tajikfilm Studio”, a book-album “Samples of the intangible cultural heritage of Tajik people” was published. In 2017, RICI with the assistance of ICHCAP, prepared and published the promotional book “Intangible Cultural Heritage in Tajikistan” in Tajik and English. Each chapter consists of several articles about elements of ICH which cover 118 encyclopedic articles with more than 300 photos.

In 2018, RICI, in cooperation with the Tojikmatlubot Union (“Consumer Union”), prepared and published the book “List of Traditional Food of Tajiks”. The book consists of a preface, a scientific article – “The National Cuisine of the Tajik People”, a list of 132 items or elements, a bibliography of Tajik cuisine and several photographs.

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