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Ritigala Vishuddhi Haramba
Basic Information
English Ritigala Vishuddhi Haramba
Local language රිටිගලවිශුද්ධිහරඹය
Country Sri Lanka
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Function Policy and System
Education and Training
Established year From generation to generation

Main objectives

  • Take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along their life journey to make their lives more meaningful.
  • Develop the human beings in all three aspects such as physical, mental and social wellbeing


  • To spread the martial art among the masses specially the youth as this art which employs disciplines to build a complete man nourished by Sinhala Buddhist cultural values.
  • Find effective ways to preserve the intangible knowledge which was handed down by our forefathers such as traditional agricultural, knowledge, traditional values etc.
  • Conduct meditation programs to aware to develop spirituality and right understanding of the people.
  • Conducting medical camps as sound health of individuals contributes to the healthy nature of the surrounding.

This organization is established solely to preserve the culture, heritage and intangible knowledge mastered and handed down by our ancestors and engages in various ways to apply that valuable knowledge to develop the modern man and the society in more practical and effective way.

The in charge of Ritigala Vishuddhi Haramba is ‘Mahanayake Gurupadavi Ritigala Sumeda. He a student of the teacher Yaso Manike and continues practice of all six components gata(kots), pora(wrestle), nila shastra(science of critical nerve ending in the body), astrology and medical science of the martial art  of Vishuddhi Haramba without any alternation.

He is incessantly dedicated to the protection of the tooth relic of the Buddha and follows numerous rituals in the premises of The temple of the Tooth related to Vishuddhi Haramba. It is a custom to visit the Temple of the Tooth to pay respect and take permission before they take their visit to Ritigala Vishuddhi Bhoomi (Sanctified ground).

The organization spreads and teaches the Vishuddhi Harambaya (ancient martial art) in numerous practice grounds across Sri lanka. There are about 52 practice grounds and so far about 7000 students have actively participated in Vishuddhi Harambaya.

We actively engage in developing a process of curing various diseases using traditional medical knowledge of Vishuddhi harambaya throughout the world.

The main goal is to produce an educated and elegant human being with fine judgment and a philosopher of Ritigala Dakama (Vision of Ritigala).

Major Activities

The in-charge of Ritigala Vishuddhi Harambaya, Mahanayake Gurupadevi Ritigala Sumeda is dedicated for the protection of the sacred tooth Relic of the Buddha. To symbolize this the students of Ritigala Vishddhi Harabaya (the traditional martial art form) performs at Dalada Perahara(procession of the Temple of the Tooth) every year. They also provide the Royal Protection to the chief in charge (Basnayake Nilame) of the Temple of the Tooth at the procession.

All these students actively participate in Vishuddhi Harambaya practice in numerous practice grounds in Sri Lanka

The organization active engage in practicing and propagating the traditional medical knowledge of Vishuddhi Harambaya in the country and abroad. They dedicate a day per a week to provide advices to treat diseases and to develop spirituality in overseas patients.

Arrange informative seminars on physical wellbeing which leads to the building of human spirituality. They work with special focusing groups such as pregnant mothers, school students, university students, adults, professionals, and elderly people and public servants.

A specially designed youth development program ‘Thurunu Esa’ (A vision to the youth) contributes to spiritual development of the young people through the themes of love, music etc. so that they can connect with the themes.

The organization conducts meditation program on every poya (full moon) day at various temples around the country on mental, physical, social wellbeing and to conserve specially the intangible cultural knowledge.

Arrange programs for foreigners where they can watch the performance of Ritigala Vishuddhi Harambaya in Sri Lanka. In this event the ancient rituals are performed with an explanation of its historical evolution, development, syllabus and the current status of this technique. Hoping to arrange more such programs in future to awaken their spirituality.

The program called ‘A message from Ritigala’ is designed to share the thoughts of the chief teacher through “Vision of Ritigala” Facebook is also used as it is a popular social media where the minds of people can be touch easily.

We have published a few books on the subjects mentioned above to educate people on ‘Ritigala Vishuddhi Harambaya. Books to be published in future as well.


Contact Information (Organization)
Address Vishuddhi Bhoomi, Thelhawadiyawa, Maha Rambewewa, Pandikaramaduwa, Sri Lanka
Tel +94 253773007; +94772653553; +94722279232

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