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Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur
Basic Information
English Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur
Local language
Country India
Category Museum Educational Institution
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1965
  • Explore all aspects of folk life in villages.
  • Develop a holistic understanding of rural lives.
  • Facilitate the art of survival in the desert.
  • Depict and rediscover the timeless skills and knowledge base of traditional communities.
  • Expand the accessibility of folkloristic and indigenous knowledge beyond the rural boundaries to urban, national and international audience.

Rupayan Sansthan – Rajasthan Institute of Folklore was established with the objective of conducting research and documentation of folkloric material related to Rajasthan. Rupayan was founded in 1960 by Padma Bhushan Late Komal Kothari (ethnomusicologist and folklorist) and his friend Padma Shree Vijaydan Detha (noted author of folk tales).

The aim of their first academic venture relating to folk traditions in Rajasthan was to explore all aspects of folk life in village. For the first time in folklore research, Komal Kothari and Vijay Dan Detha set out to develop a holistic understanding of people’s lives. They examined not only narratives, epics, songs, riddles, music, drama, and crafts but also religious beliefs and practices, caste compositions, economics, government interactions, village power structures, community desires for development, agricultural practices, land and water use, and much more.

More importantly Komal Kothari was interested in the process by which oral knowledge is learned, remembered and passed from generation to generation, which is outside the ambit of formal education systems. Komal Kothari had particularly been interested in documentation, preservation and development of folk music, working with traditional musicians. In order to create awareness among the new generation and cultivate interest in their native folk tradition, he organised a number of camps and helped them to develop their inherent musical potential.

Major Activities

Komal Kothari’s inspiration, vision and rich archival base come together in the building of a desert museum – Arna Jharna, and is the ongoing endeavor of Rupayan Sansthan.  The museum is built on 10 acres of picturesque landscape, 23 km outside Jodhpur.

The word “Arna-Jharna” literally means ‘Forest-Spring’. It brings biodiversity, history and culture into one place where contemporary is merged with traditional knowledge systems. It banks upon Pedagogical techniques. An in-house collection of common-man’s daily life object with aesthetics. Education has always been the main focus of Rupayan’s vision. We acquire a wider dimension by cultivating an environment of interest and respect among students towards ethno-cultural study of rural life styles and folk artists. A laboratory of the ordinary, a testing ground of all basic structures of life that facilitate the art of survival. To explore and understand the human effort required to sustain life.


  • Seminars – Museums and Intangible Heritage
  • Safeguarding Kalbelias Intangible Natural and Cultural Heritage.
  • Conferences, Performances, Workshops, Exhibitions and Research.
  • Water Harvesting
  • Flourishing habitat with a wide variety of desert, flora and fauna along with ethno medicinal plants that are valued immensely for their medicinal benefits.


  • Organized number of training camps on performing arts & traditional craftsmanship
  • Helped artists to develop their inherent musical potential.
  • Providing platforms for communities of folk performers and occupational artisans both at national and international levels.
  • Organizing forums for folk artists.
  • Devising solutions towards their development.
  • Engaging the state of art technology.
  • Most novel methods in dissemination of research and educational material.
  • Generating awareness on folklore among younger generation and masses.
  • Accessibility of folkloristic material and indigenous knowledge to national and international audience.
  • Establishing effective channels of knowledge sharing from expert artisans through unique workshops and forums.


Contact Information (Organization)
Address Rupayan Sansthan Paota B/2 Road, Jodhpur-342006 Rajasthan (India)
Tel +91-291-2546359 Mobile: +91-9414136361

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