Organization - Saunders’ Weaving and Vocational Institute

Saunders’ Weaving and Vocational Institute
Basic Information
English Saunders’ Weaving and Vocational Institute
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category Government Agency
Domain Traditional Craftsmanship
Established year 1914
  • To learn about the knowledge of weaving technology;
  • To maintain and develop traditional weaving and techniques;
  • To train in local livelihood requirements;
  • To cooperate with the weaving institute and small-scale industries.

Saunders’ Weaving and Vocational Institute is located in Mandalay Division, Sagaing Road, Amarapura Township and has an area of 6.67 acres.

Mr. L. H. Saunders, the judicial commissioner of Upper Burma, found that the business of hand weaving loom was nearly extinct. In 1910, he bought a power loom. By using the power loom technique, good quality, wide breadth products are created and time is saved. Therefore, the power loom became very popular. The Saundar Weaving Institute was established in 1914 at Amarapura to spread the power loom technique. During the Second World War, it was closed, and it reopened in 1946 for short-term training (six months).

According to the 1953 government plan, with the help of the United Nations Organization, three Japanese experts in weaving came and fixed up twenty power looms at the Saunder Weaving Institution and trained the local people. The Saunder Weaving Institution opened an exhibition on nationality clothing, a souvenir shop, and a practical room in 2004. The building is 80 x 40 x 15 feet, the hand loom 191 x 62 feet, and the power loom 115 x 62 x 15 feet. The lecture room is a one-story building.

Major Activities

Saunder Weaving and Vocational Institute was established in 1914 when many weaving scholars emerged in the country. Annual courses start on January 1.

  1. Diploma in Textile Technology
  2. Traditional Handloom Weaving
  3. Tapestry

To apply for the regular course, a person must

  • pass the matriculation exam;
  • pass the primary school level; and
  • be between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five, and not be married.

Students in this course get an allowance of 30,000 kyats each month. Upon completion of the course, they can work at government and private weaving industries.

Other special subjects available for study are:

  • Motorcycle Repair Course
  • Pattern Sewing Course
  • Natural Dyeing and Chemical Dyeing
  • Training in Power Loom and Weaving
  • Screen Printing Course
  • Basic Welding Course

Students can easily learn from the costumes display, which exhibits a hand weaving loom, a cotton-gin loom, cottons, a shuttle, materials used for natural dyes, fibers, shawls, longyi, socks, and waistband cheikes. At the souvenir shop, lacquerware, hand-weaved baskets of cane and cloth, shawls, and men’s wear made with natural dyes are available for purchase. Trees used for natural dyes are planted on the school’s territory.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address Mandalay Division, Sagaing Road, Amarapura Township
Tel +9595270428, +9595259964, +9595444006172
Fax +9595272428

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