Organization - Swargaloka Art & Culture Foundation

Swargaloka Art & Culture Foundation
Basic Information
English Swargaloka Art & Culture Foundation
Local language Yayasan Seni dan Budaya Swargaloka
Country Indonesia
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Function Education and Training
Established year 1993
  • To apply arts and culture as a vehicle to enhance the dignity of human beings;
  • To utilize the arts and culture as a means of education for the community to increase the devotion and nobility;
  • To improve the quality and regeneration of artists to grow and develop as reliable professionals;
  • To improve the quality of art to adapt to the challenges of the times;
  • To improve people’s appreciation of the arts.

Founded by Suryandoro in Yogyakarta on June 17, 1993, Swargaloka is a place to learn and be creative in the field of arts and culture. It includes various branches of art. It is now centered in Jakarta. The Swargaloka Foundation has hosted a variety of activities, such as performances, art workshops, seminars, training sessions, and education programs. Swargaloka is currently striving to portray wayang orang as a world’s opera.

Major Activities
  • Providing training in the art of traditional music, dance, and theater regularly.
  • Holding a show on the momentum of National and International day.
  • Awarding the Swargaloka Award to the maestro of art every Swargaloka anniversary.
  • Holding seminars, competitions, festivals, and art parades.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Taman Seni Swargaloka JL. Sumur Bungur 51 Kalurahan Setu, Kecamatan Cipayung Jakarta Timur
Tel +6285213428145
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