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The Asia Rice Foundation
Basic Information
English The Asia Rice Foundation
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Country Philippines
Category General NGO
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Knowledge and Practices Concerning Nature and the Universe
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1999

Our goal is to mobilize and provide support for cultural, educational, research, and advocacy movements that promote public appreciation of the role of rice in the diverse culture of Asia, and to ensure that farmers can produce enough rice to feed Asia’s growing population while preserving the environment.


The Asia Rice Foundation is a regional nonprofit organization that works for an Asia that can feed itself, treasures the rich heritage of its rice cultures, cares about the well-being of both its rice consumers and producers, and values its rice-growing land as a precious commodity to be shared with future generations.

National rice foundations are established in major rice-growing countries of Asia to undertake rice programs, projects, and activities relevant to the needs and constraints of the respective countries. They are federated together with the Asia Rice Foundation serving as the secretariat to coordinate and provide support to their rice programs and activities.

National rice foundations are undertaking exciting rice programs, projects and activities around the world.

  • Preserving rice culture by documenting and displaying the rich rice cultural heritage to promote better understanding and appreciation among the public
  • Raising public awareness on rice through a network of media professionals from 11 countries in Asia
  • Encouraging people to think about rice through slogan, photo, and drawing contests
  • Documenting the ecological value of rice fields to show the impact on the community and the lives of the people
  • Undertaking “brown rice for health” campaigns
  • Providing grants for graduate studies to encourage more rice research
  • Producing popular publications to educate the public, particularly children, on diverse aspects of rice – from culture to recipes to trade issues
  • Holding public forums to discuss important rice issues of the day, such as intellectual property rights and biotechnology
  • Establishing the Grassroot Farmers’ Participatory Rice Museum as a prototype open-air rice museum
  • Creating Rice Gardens in and around cities to educate the general public
Major Activities

The Asia Rice Foundation (ARF) has the following major activities/projects:
A. Publications

The ARF published books on rice, as follows:

2004 – Rice in the Seven Arts
2008 – Rice, Water and Forests
2009 – Beyond Boiled Rice: Value-added Products and
2009 – The Adventures of Gabby Ghas
2010 – Revisiting the Organic Fertilizer Issue in Rice
2011 – Adaptation to Climate Variability in Rice Production
2015 – Mechanization in Rice Farming

B. Annual Rice Forums

The ARF organizes Annual Rice Forums to bring concerned individuals and agencies on rice to discuss and share information on the selected theme for each year. Each forum focuses on problems and progresses related to rice that is of interest to rice people. The list of the Annual Rice Forums is given below:

  • 2005 – Rice: Landscape, Environment and Research
  • 2006 – Rice in Philippine Agriculture 2020
  • 2007 – Protecting the Rice Farmers’ Harvest: the Way Forward
  • 2008 – Beyond Boiled Rice: Value-added Products and Entrepreneurship
  • 2009 – Revisiting the Organic Fertilizer Issue in Rice
  • 2010 – Adaptation to Climate Variability in Rice Production
  • 2012 – Raising Rice Farmers’ Income through the Palayamanan Approach
  • 2013 – Mechanization in Rice Farming:: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • 2015 – Water in Agriculture: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities

Recommendations from each forum are brought to the attention of the public primarily through publication of forum proceedings.

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Address SEARCA Main Building, College 4031, Laguna, Philippines
Tel (63-49) 536-2285
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