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The Negros Museum
Basic Information
English The Negros Museum
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Country Philippines
Category Museum
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Education and Training
Established year 1996

History and Culture
To help Negros children and youth learn more about their history and culture so that they may be proud of their cultural identity which was made unique by the heavy globalization of Negros in the mid-­‐‑19th century a process which created complex links between local and national, and local and international culture and history.

To create a strong infrastructure for the presentation and growth of local art and crafts by raising the livelihood components of the museum to the level of curatorship. To provide livelihood and
opportunities for learning and exposure for local artists and artisans in connection with the museum’s collections and exhibitions.

To help Negros children and youth become more aware of their essential relationship with the environment and to empower them to conserve their natural heritage by providing information and
linkages with environmental groups.

The Negros Museum regards the children and youth of Negros (ages 3-­‐‑18) as its primary public. The Museum plays an educational role in the community and views itself as an institution complementing and augmenting the information provided by schools.

The Negros Museum’s secondary publics are its local and international visitors. With its prime location at the heart of the capital, Bacolod City, the museum is especially positioned to serve
as a valuable entry point to the province – indicating the ways by which local, national, and international culture and history have intersected in the various towns and cities of Negros.


March 16, 1996 was the official opening of The Negros Museum to the public. The original building that housed the museum’s permanent collection is a historic neoclassical structure built in 1925 which was formerly the   capitol building where past governors of Negros Occidental held office until the early 1970’s. In 2003, The Negros Museum transferred to its new permanent home which was formerly the Agricultural Extension Building.

The Negros Museum is the first curatorial museum regarded in the Philippines that did not solely focus on precious artifacts and Negros history, but to the contemporary local works and stories of the artists as well. Local artists and artisans sell copies of their commissioned works at the Museum Shop.

The Negros Museum presents in a capsule the bounty that is history, art and culture of the people of the Negros Island.

Major Activities

Museum Programs

  • Negros History Program
    This program was initiated by the museum in order to help the children of Negros learn more about their local history since it is not taught in school.
  • Summer Arts Workshop
    Since 1998, the museum offers courses on oil painting, water color, candle making, recycling, printmaking, bottle art, etc. This workshop is open to both children and adults. Materials are provided for by the museum.
  • Community Theatre Program
    To increase exposure of community theatres in Negros, the Foundation has encouraged theatre performances for all theatre groups and school-based drama guilds.
  • Staff Development Program
    To increase the exposure and skills development of the staff of the museum, the Foundation has supported their training.

Audience Development Programs

  • Culture and Arts Workshop (CAW) Series
    CAW is a series of short and long term art workshops that cater to varied interests and references of varied audiences and age groups. The workshops are highlighted with an output such as exhibits and performances that present the work of its participants to an audience or a public.
  • Docent/Volunteer Program
    The Negros Museum offers an “on the job training” in partnership with the Practicum Program of colleges and universities for graduating students. The Negros Cultural Foundation is currently developing a Museum Exchange Program, a month long immersion in The Negros Museum, geared to provide exposure to staff of newly established museums within the region.
  • Performance Series
    The Performance Series presents live exhibits, intimate concerts, poetry reading, interactive performance art and theatre productions held within the premises of The Negros Museum and other possible spaces featuring affiliate art organizations, invited artists and local performers.

Artist Development Programs

  • Artist Discovery Series
    The Artist Discovery Series aims to provide opportunities for young potential artists to exhibit their work at The Negros Museum and to expose new works of young potential artists to the community. The entrance alcove of The Negros Museum is reserved for the changing
    exhibit of the Artist Discovery Series and is open to all young/potential local/Negrense artists to display their work provided that artworks comply with TNM standards.
  • Artists’s Wall/Art Encounter
    The Artist Wall aims to provide a venue for local/Negrense artists to exhibit/consign their artworks for sale in the Negros Museum and to raise funds for the Museum through commission from artworks sold. The Art Encounter is a weekly session where artists come together to interact, consult and create artworks which can then be included in the Artist Wall. The activity seeks to sustain local/Negrense artists through the advertisement and promotion of their works.
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Address Old Agricultural Building, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City
Tel +63 (034) 433 4764 / + 63 (034) 708 5080
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