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Theatre Sylhet
Basic Information
English Theatre Sylhet
Local language থিয়েটার সিলেট
Country Bangladesh
Category General NGO Non-Profitable Organization, Theatre Group
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Research
Staging Plays
Established year 2006

We work on our tradition, culture and heritage. We want to uphold these not only to the young generation of our own but also worldwide. Our cognition is our Liberation War held in 1971. To mitigate these purposes we always stage drama on different stages of our country and on the street.


Our organization “Theatre Sylhet” is a theatre organization. Our main work is performing different plays especially those related to our tradition and heritage.

We perform in different festivals arranged by notable organizations in our town Sylhet and other cities.

We “Theatre Sylhet’ is a non-profit organization. We are financed by our own and sometimes by different local organization like city corporation and others.

We have two committees which run the organization. These are Permanent Committee and Executive Committee. Our permanent Committee consists of five members; one Convener and four members. And Executive Committee consists of seven members: President, One Vice President, one Secretary, one organization Secretary, One Office Secretary, and two Executive Members.

Major Activities

“Theatre Sylhet” was established in 2006. Since then we have done many activities. We have arranged Drama Festivals and Street Drama Festivals.

Every year we participate in different Drama Festivals in our country, specially “Ekusher Chetonay Nattotshob” The biggest drama festival in our city, arranged by “Sammilito Nattoparishad.”We take part in different festivals arranged on the eve of national days like Independence Day, Victory Day, Bengali New Year and Mother Language Day. In every festival we have staged plays on tradition and heritage.

Our first work was on the culture and tradition of Tea Laborers. The name of the drama was ‘Jago Manush’ (Rise Human). This drama is about the tradition and culture of the people who work in tea garden.

After that we staged many other plays among them “Jointessory” was noteworthy. This drama is about one of our local tribal king who reigned in 1750.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address LEXIS, Ananda Tower (5th Floor), Jail Road, Sylhet.
Tel +8801714610061, +8801716159261

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