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UNIMA Indonesia
Basic Information
English UNIMA Indonesia
Local language Union Internationale de la Marionnette de Indonesie
Country Indonesia
Category International Organization
Domain Oral Traditions and Expressions
Performing Arts
Function Research
Education and Training
friendship with others UNIMA around the world
Established year Prague Czecholovakia May 20th, 1929 for UNIMA International | Jakarta, December 16, 2009 for UNIMA Indonesia

UNIMA aims to preserve and develop puppetry in Indonesia and cooperates with its sister organizations all over the world. It was emphasized that the art of puppetry should become a vehicle to uplift the quality and standard of humanity.


UNIMA Indonesia was established on December 16, 2009, in Jakarta. The declaration of its establishment was signed by Dr. H. Solichin, chairman of the National Secretariat of Indonesian Wayang [SENAWANGI], Mr. Ekotjipto, chairman of the Indonesian Puppeteers Union [PEPADI], Mr. Dadi Pudumjee, president of UNIMA, and M. Jacques Trudeau, secretary general of UNIMA, on December 15, 2009, in the SENAWANGI office in Jakarta.

UNIMA Indonesia staged an event which helped to revive the puppet tradition.

It published a graphic book on Indonesian wayang. This serves as a bridge for the younger generations to understand and love wayang, and to encourage their participation in the preservation of the wayang, recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. UNIMA organized an international symposium and a performance of Indonesian puppets.

It has also arranged activities related to information about the origins of Indonesian puppetry which is now internationally known as wayang. Presently, in Indonesia, there are around sixty types of wayang and marionettes, including the ones with non-Ramayana-Mahabharata stories, such as wayang Suluh, Wayang Gebyog, Wayang Beber, Wayang Suket, Wayang Si Gale-Gale, SiI Unyil (extremely popular on Indonesian television, similar to The Muppet Show in the United States), Wayang Potehi, etc. Wayang is not only a type of entertainment, but it is also a source of noble moral values, moral teachings, and a means for disseminating information.

Major Activities
  • Arranging performances in Indonesia and other UNIMA member countries, supported by big companies in Indonesia.
  • Researching and developing puppets in danger of extinction.
  • Publishing a wayang graphic book for children.
  • Socializing through wayang among young generations in Indonesia and for other UNIMA member countries.
  • Giving advice for government policy related to the goals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic Indonesia in relation to other cultures.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Unima Indonesia, Gedung Pewayangan Kautaman Lantai 1, Jalan Raya Pintu 1 TMII, Jakarta Timur 13810
Tel +62 21 8778 3566, +62 21 8779 9388
Fax +62 21 8779 9387

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