Organization - Uzbek National Center of Maqom Art

Uzbek National Center of Maqom Art
Basic Information
English Uzbek National Center of Maqom Art
Local language Ўзбек миллий мақом санъати маркази
Country Uzbekistan
Category Government Agency
Domain Performing Arts
Function Research
Established year 2017

The main objectives of the Uzbek National Center of Maqom Art are the preservation and transfer to the younger generation of samples of classical music created by great ancestors; the scientific study of classical music and introduction to music education; the promotion of the musical heritage of Uzbekistan both domestically and abroad; and the full support of carriers of intangible cultural heritage, in particular the performing arts.


The Uzbek National Center of Maqom Art was created by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017. For the organization of full-fledged activities of the center, the construction of a modern building, equipment, and staffing with the necessary musical instruments as well as highly qualified specialists were provided. Three groups of maqoms are formed on the territory of modern Uzbekistan: Shashmaqom (which unites six independent maqoms), Khorezm maqoms (consisting of 6.5 maqoms), and Fergana-Tashkent maqoms (consisting of 4 maqoms). Each of these maqoms consists of works of instrumental and song performance. The center was created to organize the preservation of this unique art and the scientific study and transfer of these values ​​to the younger generation.

Major Activities

The center’s main activities cover the following: further development of the art of maqom in Uzbekistan; scientific study of the traditions of performance; the creation of the “Golden Fund” of maqom art and traditional performance; the use of maqom in the education of the younger generation; the establishment of international relations, with the aim of scientific research on maqom; the organization of musical notation of classical musical works; the use of the rich national heritage in educational programs; the organization of national and international contests, festivals and conferences on maqom art; and the comprehensive promotion of maqom art in the media, including on the Internet.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 49 Makhtumkuli str., Yashnabad district, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
Tel +998 71 286-31-77

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