Organization - Vhaab (A Folk Collection and Research Centre)

Basic Information
English Vhaab (A Folk Collection and Research Centre)
Local language
Country Bangladesh
Category Research Institute General NGO Non Government Organization
Domain Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Function Research
Established year 1990

Vhaab (A Folk Collection and Research Centre) works for the revival and safeguarding of the cultural traditions of Bangladesh. The primary focus of the work is to uphold the culture against the inflow of influences which are not indigenous and of the soil. The organization believes that the elements of indigenous culture have the required potential to take the nation forward. Keeping this ideal in mind, the organization works to research, document and safeguard, revive and promote the oral traditions, the songs: Jari Gaan, Saari Gaan, Baul, Ghatu Gaan, stories, myths, folklore, rhymes, etc. The organization also has taken initiative to publish the findings and take them to the wider audience and readers in Bangladesh and to the world.


Vhaab is a folk documentation and research centre. In 1990 some enterprising individuals, under the guidance of Khondokar Abdur Rashid, started this endeavor. The primary work that was targeted was a collection of the folk and indigenous knowledge and oral traditions. The work now has spread its wings and is now marked by the involvement of common people. This involvement of the common people has made the documentation and research work smoother.

The organization believes that the real treasure trove of folklores and the indigenous knowledge lies with the people living closest to the roots. Vhaab foundation also felicitates the indigenous scholars to boost the community’s pride and give impetus to the continuous search for the traditional knowledge.

Major Activities

The main activities of the Organization:

  1. Search for and document the folklore, oral traditions, literature and disseminate them among the new generation
  2. Preserve old manuscripts
  3. Publish the findings in various media
  4. Dialogues with common people to find more inputs
  5. Assist folk researchers and their findings to gain an wider audience
  6. Village festivals to depict the cultural elements
  7. Felicitation of folk researchers and scholars
  8. Regular interaction and knowledge sharing among the researchers
Contact Information (Organization)
Address Madan- 2490, Upazilla: Madan, District: Netrakona
Tel +8801718763642; +8801716359806
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