Organization - Wa Cultural Organization

Wa Cultural Organization
Basic Information
English Wa Cultural Organization
Local language
Country Myanmar
Category General NGO
Domain Performing Arts
Function Identification
Established year 1968

To disseminate the culture of Wa not only in Myanmar but also throughout the world.


The Wa Cultural Organization was constituted on December 20, 1968. On May 18, 1990, it acquired its identified institution registration No-1619. The Wa Cultural Organization travels around the country to spread Wa literature and traditional dancing during the summer.

Major Activities
  • Traveling to remote regions to teach Wa literature and dancing, and safeguard traditional instrumental music.
  • Accepting membership from all Wa Nationality people, regardless of religion, and allowing participation in every religion ceremony.
  • Revealing and promoting Wa’s traditional customs.
Contact Information (Organization)
Address No-33, Tharyar Street, Quarter-1,Campus-2 Larshio
Tel +95822203106
Fax +958226856

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