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Zhezkazgan Historic-Archaeological Museum
Basic Information
English Zhezkazgan Historic-Archaeological Museum
Local language КМҚК «Жезқазған тарихи-археологиялық музейі көрме залымен»
Country Kazakhstan
Category Government Agency Museum
Domain Performing Arts
Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Traditional Craftsmanship
Function Research
Education and Training
Established year 1978

The main objective of the Museum is to collect, study and preserve historical and cultural heritage, in collaboration with academic institutions, scientists and specialists. The second, no less important objective is to promote an increase in the cultural and educational level of the people. The third, special objective is to educate the younger generation, together with institutions working with children and adolescents.


The Zhezkazgan Historic-Archaeological Museum was opened on May 10, 1978, by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR on the basis of the historic-production museum of the SHMC. In 1997, the Museum was renamed to historic-archaeological. The total area of the Museum is 1202.2 sq.m., which includes the main building, exhibition halls, exhibition area, conference room.

Six rooms in the basement of 129.2 sq.m. are reserved for the storage where archaeological exhibits, materials from leather, wood, paleontological finds, minerals, household and ethnography items of the peoples of Kazakhstan, documentary, archival materials and books are located.

The main activities of the Museum relate to research, collection, registration and curating, exposition and education and below are the five departments;

  • Department of history and archeology;
  • Department of funds;
  • Department of exposition;
  • Department of mass excursion work;
  • Department art exhibition.
Major Activities

The Museum conducts research, exhibition and collection works, scientific and practical conferences, expositions, festivals and book presentations, museum meetings jubilee and calendar dates with scientists, archaeologists, historians, ethnographers, representatives of culture and art of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Museum organizes educational lessons of local history for pupils of secondary schools; master classes with the invitation of masters of applied art, archaeologists and museum guides; tours to the Ulytau, Zhezdy, Karsakpay museums and memorable places of the Ulytau-Zhezkazgan region; theatrical performances, debates, contests, roundtables, intellectual games, interactive and thematic tours, mobile exhibitions. The goals of activities are to popularize the rich historical heritage of the region, to unveil the material and spiritual culture of the region, to educate the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and love for their native land.

Expeditions – one of the main forms of museum work, it gives an opportunity to replenish the collections. The Zhezkazgan Museum has begun the history of the expeditionary activity from its very foundation and continues up till now. The staff took part in archaeological excavations not only in the Ulytau-Zhezkazgan region but also in the places where the most ancient sites and fortifications of Kazakhstan were gathered to collect data on the history and culture of native land.

The Museum has developed and implemented a number of projects such as “The Ulytau-Zhezkazgan region is a treasury of Kazakh history and culture”, in order to popularize the history of the region. The museum staff arranges tourist tour to historical and memorable places within the project.

In addition, the Museum organizes various festivals and events to celebrate different anniversaries.

Contact Information (Organization)
Address 22 Alashakhan av., Zhezkazgan City, Karagandy Oblast, Kazakhstan
Tel +7 (7102) 73 77 53
Fax +7 (7102) 73 72 04

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